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A Recommendation and Personal Experience
of Sept. 2009 Workshop in Bellingham

by Brita Adkinson

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November 2010

Dear Friends,

In the fall of 2009 I attended a seminar led by Stanley Krippner from San Francisco. The theme was how we as people create our own myths and dreams, and how we may work with them. I went into this workshop not knowing much about the workshop leader. I was stunned at Krippner's skills. He is a man in his 80s. He is wise beyond description and has a voice that draws the audience into a serene atmosphere and a profound depth. His approach to dream work is so much what the world needs right now.

I speak as a person who attended many, many workshops while being a senior staff member in Findhorn Foundation, Scotland. I have attended workshops with world renowned teachers such as Caroline Myss, Peter Russell and Eileen Caddy, and have attended talks by internationally known spiritual teachers.

Under Krippner's perceptive and sensitive guidance, I discovered some of my long-held beliefs and myths that did not serve me; and through the exercises we did, I found pathways to overcome these limitations. Within weeks after the workshop I had changed my life: I was able to connect meaningfully with a man who had come into my life at that time; and we are now, a year later, building a life together; and I broke through my own resistance and finally enrolled in university studies at Antioch University; and have not looked back since.

As Stanley Krippner is an elderly gentleman, we do not know how long he will share his treasures with us. If you need to review your purpose in life and your current priorities, do take this rare opportunity to spend time working with an exceptional teacher and trainer. I highly recommend Stanley Krippner!

With regards,


Brita Adkinson
Transformation Game workshop leader
Life Purpose workshop leader
Student at Antioch University, Seattle
Reporter for Foothills Gazette

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