My Life Transforming For Women

Career and  Life Transition Group


Susan Burns, MA, LMHC & Company

Wednesday, May 26.2010
 7-9 PM
Fee: $10

Clinical Associates
2370 130th Ave NE Ste 106

A New Group is Forming...

This evening invites females who long to be supported with their own personal transformation in community as they shift with consciousness to be responsible co-creators in a changing world.

Women, learn to engage your own deeper dimensions and worthy expression of essential skills in a community which dances with your mid-life transition, holds the compass as you navigate career change, rows the life boat as you sink into a sudden loss of a familiar existence, or applies compresses to mend your wounds while you tend to those of others.

If you are a woman longing for a community to hold your cocoon of transition while you release into a butterfly during these times of planetary change, join us for this joyful evening of mutual exchange. Engage with other women who want to fully embrace and consciously birth their own personal transformation. The pre-requisite is a willingness to inquire into both how to be held in your change process and how to hold others in theirs.

How do you harness the essential aspects of your work and life experience to create a perfect career even in challenging times? Learn how to tap into collective wisdom and shape a future. Discover how others midwife life and work transition and learn practical tools for the job changing journey. Whether seeking or forced into career transition, lacking the confidence to stretch to new heights, gathering momentum to reach for goals, or wanting to leverage skills for a new world, this experiential community learning environment will teach concrete skills while building community support.

This support group focuses on:

Personal and Professional Transition In Challenging Times

Aligning and Transforming Careers Consciously

Accessing Consciousness For Passion and Purpose

Discerning Emergent Wisdom Within Group Mind

Cultivating Best Practices To Engage Capacity and Skill

Share Internal and External Resources for Self Development

Susan Burns, MA, LMHC, NBCCH is a WA State Licensed mental health counselor and advanced clinical hypnotherapist, a certified somatic transformation practitioner, and a licensed public educator. Her 20 year private practice in psychotherapy is client centered, integrates holistic healing modalities, focuses on the mind/body connection and is oriented to transpersonal, process-oriented, and family systems.

Check out a more comprehensive bio on Feeling Whole. Read about her approaches to Coaching & Counseling and click on the links below.

A holistic systems approach
Health and healing with a perspective on relationship and transition.

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