Transformative Change
Requires Conscious Choices...
Living the Science of Consciousness

Here We Share the Insights of Participants
on Intentionality Around Creating a Conscious Universe

Personal and Collective Transformation Retreat Jan. 31-Feb. 02, 2008

  Connect people to projects and resources in our communities, sharing information to create convergence

  Proactively change ourselves and the world by taking action and by bringing peace into the world and being in the collective process to manifest intentionally.
  Shift from dominating hierarchical models to a consensus, partnering models-in family, community, society-all levels.
  Tap into group energy – find a group or build a group.
  Plug into, channel, and balance earth energy within a group, become active on healing the Earth.
  See and acknowledge what needs to be healed, and act from the true power of our thoughts. Don’t turn away from the ugly.
  Create the change by being peace.
  Create intentional healthy communities and work locally with our neighbors towards community

  Amplify and seek out creative ways to be mindful at all levels in consuming, inventing, sustainability, etc.

  Know the oneness of humanity and feel the responsibility for the one, the whole of which we are a part.
  Create and express beauty in the world.
  Consume that which nourished others and not what harms others on the planet.
  Practice mindfulness through prayer, meditation, gratitude, forgiveness– notice where are we placing our attention.
  Model change – be that change which we must create in the world
  Live in balance and harmony.
  Own our accountability as consumers and make socially responsible investments.
  Simplify our lives
  Make the invisible visible
  Take responsibility for whatever affect and influence we have now at whatever level it exists

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